I am a passionate screenwriter and storyteller. During the past years I have been developing compelling stories that will make a great movie or TV Series. If you want to know more about them, please get in contact. I am always looking to meet other screenwriters and collaborate in this field.
Feature Film - Tragicomedy Road Movie
A single mother goes on a road trip on the East Coast of Australia. She packs the bags, her two daughters and  three guinea pigs. What started like a holiday soon becomes a journey of motherhood, immigrants and the power of helping each other. A tragicomedy road trip for all the family to laugh, learn and reflect.
TV Series - Drama, Suspense
When Crystalline and her children decide to sell and old caravan, destiny unveils past events that put the family on edge but also sparks their future. A story with suspense, drama and comedy. Crystalline and her two children will take you into a journey of motherhood, generational disconnections and personal desires.
Feature Film - Comedy, Romance
An Australian backpacker is doing her dive master course in Taganga, a town in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Here, she makes friend with a local who teaches her latin dancing. The arrival of an European diver to the course, stirs things up between the three of them but not necessarily in a bad way. 
Thank you!
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